Case Study: Tank Monitoring, Fuel Delivery & Customer Experience Optimization

Optimizing Supply Chain Operations and Driving Intelligent Business Decisions While Serving Customers Better

Fuel distributors are on the leading edge of Internet of Things adoption as they are rapidly implementing commercially available tank monitoring solutions using low cost sensors and Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) connectivity to drive business value through increased operational efficiencies, the elimination of emergency deliveries and enhanced customer service.

Tank Monitoring and Logistics Challenges

With the large number of propane and fuel oil tanks being used to heat residential and commercial properties, a reliable means of monitoring fuel levels is essential. In residential markets, the unpredictability of weather, combined with varying customer uses of propane makes consumption rates difficult to predict. In commercial and industrial markets such as farming, manufacturing and healthcare, fuel delivery companies are a critical partner in supply chain operations where run-outs can have detrimental effects. These and other challenges often result in trucks being dispatched inefficiently, driving up operational costs and complicating customer service delivery.