Secure Key Management with LoRaWAN

One of the many benefits of the LoRaWAN system architecture is its ability to facilitate the secure manufacturing, transferring of ownership and deployment of IoT end-devices on a global basis with no requirement for physical end-device provisioning. These capabilities enable application providers, enddevice manufacturers and radio module manufacturers to create solutions which finally fulfill the requirements necessary to enable massive IoT deployments. LoRaWAN is unique in its ability to facilitate this capability in a truly open, global, multi-vendor ecosystem of end-device manufacturers, connectivity providers, IoT application enablement platforms and solution providers.

In order to take full advantage of this unique capability, it is necessary to understand the critical elements of both the security paradigm and the back-end architecture which supports it. This paper will endeavor to describe both in sufficient detail to allow hardware manufacturers and application and solution providers to make informed decisions which will unlock these benefits.