SteamIQ and Senet Partner to Deliver Real-Time Infrastructure Monitoring to Reduce Cost and Waste From Steam Trap Failures

Low-cost, wireless solution provides efficient replacement for costly manual processes

Massachusetts-based SteamIQ has leveraged the power of IoT and LoRaWAN technology to introduce a new paradigm for steam trap monitoring. The solution’s wireless ultrasonic monitors deliver unparalleled precision and range for continuous steam system insights – replacing annual surveys.

Steam Management Inc. installed 158 ultrasonic SteamIQ monitors on traps servicing distribution, air handlers, heat exchangers, humidifiers, and domestic hot water at a Boston-based hospital, resulting in reduced carbon emissions and saving the organization $75,000 per year in steam usage charges.

A Senet network deployed in commercial or industrial buildings for steam trap monitoring can be easily leveraged to support a wide range of additional smart building applications.