Chenoa and Senet Partner to Improve Healthcare Safety and Compliance

Medical center protects critical vaccines, reagents, lab samples and blood supplies with LoRaWAN network and temperature monitoring sensors

A refrigeration failure and loss of $30,000 of medication prompted Hunterdon Medical Center to implement low-cost sensors and a LoRaWAN network to automate their temperature monitoring process.

After testing LAN (Bluetooth, WiFi, Zigbee), Cellular (3G, 4GLTE, NB-IoT) and LPWAN (Low Powered Wide Area Networks) options, LoRaWAN was selected due to its superior range, device and sensor cost, and battery life. The same Senet network is now positioned as the IoT infrastructure for the entire healthcare system, with the ability to support a range of applications such as patient monitoring, high value asset tracking, and wearable devices.