FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Selecting and Infrastructure Platform for Smart Meters, Sensors, and IoT Devices

With a need to do “more with less” to monitor their infrastructure, environment and services, utilities, cities, and counties are turning to dedicated, low-cost, and secure LoRaWAN wireless networks as a single platform to host multiple smart city and utility applications.

In some instances, an advanced water metering infrastructure (AMI) is a starting point, but flexible network deployment models and a vast ecosystem of environmental sensors allow you to choose what is best for you. 

Senet and MeterSYS are experts in designing, installing, operating, and managing carrier-grade LoRaWAN systems for utilities, cities, and counties across the U.S. If you manage water operations, public works, sustainability and resilience, public safety, or have responsibilities across your community, we can address your questions at both high levels and in-depth.