Senet Playbook: Smart Buildings

Turning Your Building into a Data-Powered Resource with LoRaWAN


The proliferation of connected devices and networks is reshaping industries across the globe, and building and
facility management is no exception. Outfitting a structure with wireless sensors that collect and report data about the environment and sharing that information in real time allows building managers to automate and optimize operations. But not all networks are created equal. For companies looking to reap the benefits of sensor-enabled building management, LoRaWAN networks with flexible deployment options and robust management features provide a cost effective, efficient, and secure solution for device connectivity.

This playbook is designed to explain the value that LoRaWAN brings to building and facility management. From its robust feature set to the low-cost of deploying and maintaining the infrastructure, we will explore how LoRaWAN is providing new opportunities to manage and automate building systems.